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KINGDOM HEARTS III, Virtual Friends, & Growing UP

The first Kingdom Hearts released in 2002. I played it in 2003, borrowing my cousin’s PlayStation 2 to do so. I was captivated by this game, by the characters, the juxtaposition of real-time JRPG mechanics and Disney worlds, and even by the plot. I quickly became invested in the cast and their concerns: Sora’s relationship […]

Good & Bad Credit Presentations in Games

Caution: The following post contains minor spoilers for various games, particularly Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Continue at your own discretion. Beating (or completing) a game is a big deal: viewing the ending cinematic, watching the credits, reflecting on the adventure, basking in challenges overcome, gaining achievements. The credits sequence, in most games, is naturally […]

The Clutter of GUNGNIR

Gungnir is a Japanese tactics-RPG, and I like tactics-RPGs, so if I start to sound a little harsh understand that it’s not because I disliked the game. Gungnir tasted fine and would make for a great meal. That being said, I came across a series of nitpicks that all point back to one thing: you’re trying to […]

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