Talking About Games with Skye Day and Matty B on THE TOASTY PODCAST

I had the opportunity recently to speak about game development with my brother Skye Day on his show The Toasty Podcast. We talk about how I got into game development as a producer, a little about what I do at ArenaNet, and about trends in the game industry over the past fifteen years. Skye […]

Escapism, Tourism, and Shared Experiences in Video Games

I spend a meaningful amount of time most weeks thinking about culture and how things within culture, produced by culture, helped to shape culture. This isn’t a profession of mine or something I’m formally trained in—it’s more of a hobby, something that commonly swims about in my consciousness. I’m writing this in the summer of […]


Dishonored has been getting a lot of well-earned praise of late. Arkane Studios have successfully crafted a unique, deep, atmospheric experience. But beyond the wonderful, captivating atmosphere (which I really did love), I must praise the game’s brilliantly constructed, and purposefully contained, player-choice driven levels. Take note that this is not a massive RPG along the lines […]


I’ve bit into a few games recently that had less distinct tastes from others I’ve found. Not too surprising, really, since not every game is going to get flavor right or even be trying to present a flavor at all. In light of this, I offer up a pot luck. Here’s a blast of quick impressions […]

Being The Batman in BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

After being nominated for many awards last year, including Game of the Year from multiple venues, I’m sure most of everyone is aware that Batman: Arkham City is a really, really good game. It’s gorgeous, meticulously built, excellently polished, and nearly flawlessly executed. But it’s not the Kyerannosaur’s job to tell you how “good” or “bad” a game […]

Myths, Aloy, and HORIZON: ZERO DAWN

Note: This post contains minor spoilers to the plot of Horizon: Zero Dawn, including locations, names of factions, and revelations provided about halfway through the game’s main quest line. Culture, religion, and fictional worlds are a few of my common interests. I enjoy exploring the worlds others create and seeing how they are crafted to […]

The Emotion in JOURNEY

Journey is unlike any game I have played before. It doesn’t have a genre, or follow tropes, or meet design expectations. In the same way “The Artist” defied the rules of what a 21st century movie is, Journey defies modern game design. Just as “Fantasia” captivated its audience by making a symphony an animation, Journey turns emotions into a video game. Actually, I’m […]

Praising the Aesthetic of PAPER MARIO: STICKER STAR

Nintendo is really good about polish, presentation, and character, and the latest Paper Mario installment is no exception. The game is also a strange blending of genres, not quite following any rules, so I’m just going to say it tastes like a well-baked ‘sticker adventure.’ Paper Mario: Sticker Star is all about the stickers. I feel like Intelligent […]